The jury’s out. And yes, I do fall in love too quickly. I did it again. With someone else.  And we broke up on our 4  month anniversary. As it turns out celebrities, aren’t the only ones with short relationships.

We met under strange circumstances, and clicked instantly. We broke up because I didn’t feel respected enough. Granted, when someone swears at you via e-mail and text, regardless of the circumstances, it seems like there’s a certain lack of respect in that relationship. If they’re hurt because you walked out on them (and there may still be a chance of you ‘walking back in’), how prudent is it to use that technique?

But I am admittedly selective, shall I say? We broke up (on the face of it) over him not telling me where he was going as he drove off down the street. “Why couldn’t you just ask?”, you ask?

“Why couldn’t he just have the courtesy to say?” is my response. And I’ve never had that sort of problem with anyone else. We usually decide where we’re going before we take off. I don’t like putting my life in anyone else’s hands, but as a passenger you tend to accept it. As a passenger, though, I am not passive enough to let other people determine my course – I always like to have a say in (when, where, if) I am going. After four months, you’d think we’d both know that. Or maybe we’d both care.

Ultimately, we weren’t suited to each other. We were on different levels of the “Hierarchy of Needs” triangle, so to speak. And whenever that happens, there is a lot of cross-talk over the medium when the signals for the language of love are being transferred.

All I wanted was for him to make a reasoned effort to understand why I was angry, and not to swear at me and say he “hadn’t done anything wrong”. He was asking for a reason I was upset. I wasn’t giving one. But I’m not sure whether in his mind, he was trying to find out why I had broken up with him or whether I had. Now, we’ve gone past the point of no return. We’ve even turned civil.

“I will always love you, whether I like you or not.”

“I love you too. I’m sorry I’m not perfect.”

“Don’t worry. Neither am I. Otherwise we would be perfect together :”D”

Too soon?

About MMi

I was enlightened, now I'm confused. I used to read, but now I don't, and information's becoming more and more important. I used to be smart, now I'm dumb. I used to be bothered by it, now I almost don't care.
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