He looked through me

I fell in love
Once again too soon
And I thought we were both
Over the moon
With genuine feelings
Love and respect
And rapidly firing intellect

But I came to learn
It was all a lie
He was in love
With her…
Not I.
And ‘we’ were just
To make a point.
And yet another talking point.

“I have a girlfriend”
He said to her
“Will that be okay?”
It wasn’t with me –
The fact he asked,
But I plodded on,
Loved him anyway.

“Be true to her”
She said to him
I grimaced at the thought.
But when he said to me
That final day,
“She said to love you as I ought”
I couldn’t stay.
I had to leave.
Our whole world was a lie.
What would he have done
If she had told him to,
Would he have said goodbye?

“I did not ask her permission”
He lied through kissing lips
But when she hurt
He relished it
Not ‘us’, so my heart rips.

I’m sure he called her
To share the news
And ‘heartbreak’ for her sympathy.
I stumbled into a whirlwind mess.
Stupid, dizzy, crazy me.

About MMi

I was enlightened, now I'm confused. I used to read, but now I don't, and information's becoming more and more important. I used to be smart, now I'm dumb. I used to be bothered by it, now I almost don't care.
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