When you let it all come out

When you let it all come out
You can scream and yell and shout
But when it finally hits you
You’re just engulfed in doubt.

You’re not worth the air you’re breathing
You’re a crumpled nervous wreck
And if anyone cared to do so
They’d confirm it when they checked.

You lied to me
You rabid dog
You heartless
Scheming pig

You lied to me
But I closed my eyes
I’m to blame – a fickle fig.

I believed you
I believed your truth –
Vile stupidity.
I was so afraid to lose you.
But you? Never to lose me.

“You’re not enough”
You told me
Over and o’er again.

I refused to cry
But always
In the pouring rain
To hide my tears
As your knife of lies
Struck my beating heart.
You were bad to me.
I admit it.
Now I’ll reset.
And restart.

I take back my life.
I take back my pride.
I take back my beating heart.

About MMi

I was enlightened, now I'm confused. I used to read, but now I don't, and information's becoming more and more important. I used to be smart, now I'm dumb. I used to be bothered by it, now I almost don't care.
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